Telegram inviter

Setting the invit telegram for free. Configure Inviter Telegram.
Don't forget Telegram limits! One account can invite up to 50 users to the group! You can invite no more than 200 participants to one group per day!

In order to set up a telegram inviter for free, you will need:

1) In the left menu of the program, click on the " Inviter to the group " button (point 1 in the screenshot)

2) Specify the Username of your group in Telegram in the " Username of the public (group) " field (point 2 in the screenshot). Before that, you must specify the Username in the telegram group itself and make the group public!

3) Specify the Username, links or phone numbers of the users you want to invite to the groups in the " Recipients " field (item 3 on the screenshot). Each recipient must be specified on a new line.

4) Click " Start Inviting " (point 5 on the screenshot).

After that, the program will join the group from the telegram account you selected and start adding the recipients you specified to the group you specified.

Remember that telegram has a limit on invites. No more than 50 users per day .

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