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Telegram-Spam-Master - Premium version of the bot program for sending spam and SMS in Telegram! Download Telegram spammer for free
Differences between the Normal version and Premium version
The usual version
Premium version
Free Mtproto Proxy
Captcha when starting the mailing
The number of recipients in the mailing list by people and chats
The number of recipients in the mailing list by phone numbers
The number of recipients in the mailing list by comments in public
Внеплановые остановки рассылки *Через случайное количество времени
Внеплановая остановка автоответчика *Через случайное количество времени
Users in the Parser of the group members
Results in the parser of channels and public
Coordinates in the Parser for Geolocation
Пользователей в парсере по геолокации *С одной координаты
Users in inviter
Using a text transliterator

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