Distribution to users by phone number

Setting up the newsletter by phone numbers Telegram. SMS SMS on the phone number telegram.

In order to set up mailing by Phone Number in Telegram, you need to:

1) In the left menu, click on the button " Mailing to numbers " (point 1 in the screenshot)

2) In the field " Mailing text " (item 2 on the screenshot) write the message that you want to send to users or groups. If you want to add emoticons to the text, use the module " Text converter with emoji "

3) Specify the recipients in the " Recipients " field (Item 3 on the screenshot). Recipients are specified as Phone numbers (For example: +123456789 or +1 (23) 45-67-89 )! Important! Don't forget about Telegram limits!

4) Also, you can specify the file that will be attached to your message (Item 4 on the screenshot). It can be a picture or a video ! IMPORTANT THAT THE FILE PATH DOES NOT HAVE RUSSIAN LETTERS!

5) Do not forget to specify the interval with which messages will be sent (Item 5 on the screenshot). This interval cannot be lower than 5 seconds .

6) You can check the " Send in a circle " box (point 6 on the screenshot), if you want the mailing to continue after the program goes through the entire list of recipients!

7) Also, you can check the " Transliter. text " box (Item 7 on the screenshot), if you want the Russian letters in your text to be randomly replaced with English ones!

8) After that, click on the " Start mailing " button!

9) The program will start its work and in the field " Message log " (point 7 on the screenshot) Information about sent messages or errors that occur during the program will appear!

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