Simple newsletter in Telegram! Easily customizable spam in telegram

Video-demonstration of the program
Telegram-Spam-Master - Подготовка к началу работыРассылка по людям и чатам Телеграм! Бесплатный спамер Telegram - Telegram-Spam-MasterБесплатный инвайтер Телеграм! Скачать инвайтер Telegram Бесплатно - Telegram-Spam-MasterБесплатный парсер Телеграм групп! Парсинг участников групп Телеграм бесплатно - Telegram-Spam-MasterРассылка в комментарии пабликов Телеграм! Бесплатный спамер по комментариям - Telegram-Spam-MasterGet Telegram API ID and HASH in 2024 for free without bots

What Telegram-Spam-Master is capable of
Support for any number of accounts
  • Add any number of Telegram accounts
  • Dynamic switching between Telegram accounts during the operation of the Telegram-Spam-Master program
  • Switching between accounts when sending a certain number of messages
  • Switching between accounts after a certain time

Support for proxy
  • Ability to add accounts using IPv4 proxy
  • Ability to use free MTProto proxies

Telegram newsletter
  • Sending a message to Telegram users by phone number
  • Sending a message with a photo
  • Text randomization
  • Text transliteration

Telegram user newsletter
  • Send a message to Telegram users by their username (@username)
  • Send a message with a photo
  • Randomize text
  • Text transliteration

  • Sending a message to Telegram groups by their username (@username) or invitation link
  • Sending a message with a photo
  • Randomization text
  • Text transliteration

Sending on the comments of public
  • The ability to send messages to a comment under the last post of a public
  • Sending a message with a photo
  • Text randomization
  • Text transliteration

  • Ability to automatically reply to received messages from people
  • Support for up to 5 consecutive replies
  • Ability to use all added accounts
  • Support for text transliteration

Parser members of the group/public
  • Ability to scrape any number users from a group/public
  • Ability to sort parsing results by last activity date
  • Saving parsing results in separate file

User inviting in group/public
  • Ability to invite users to a group by their username
  • Support for auto-switching accounts by time or number of invitations sent

Joiner in groups or publics by links
  • The ability to enter into public and groups by links-implications

Parser of geolocation users
  • Ability to parse people by geo-coordinates
  • Save parsing results to a file

Parser groups and channels
  • Ability to parse channels and groups on request
  • Ability to sort by number of participants
  • Save channels with comments
  • Save parsing results to a file

A little about the program

Telegram-Spam-Master is a great way to spam Telegram. The main differences between the program and manual mailings are simplicity, efficiency and speed sending messages.

In Telegram, all messages reach the recipient. Users receive sound notifications on their phones and see red inbox icons! Even if you send to groups, users will see notifications in the same way as when sending to private messages! Messages will reach the recipient even if they have notifications turned off.

Promotion in messengers by sending messages has long been one of the top tools for developing groups and communities. An effective, affordable advertising tool makes it possible to interact with a huge audience of potential customers.

Message of messages in the telegram can be used:

Still not sure how to keep your business afloat due to the closure of access to Instagram and Facebook? Then the program for sending messages to Telegram will help you quickly and painlessly “translate” your business.

Almost every active user of social networks already has a profile in Telegram or will appear, which means that the possibilities of a convenient application will be limitless.

What can the program:

Telegram newsletters will help you:

For work, you can use your own database or parse from other Telegram publics.

What do you need to start the program in Telegram?

There are only four simple steps:

So simply and quickly you can promote your business or group in Telegram!

Do the Telegram newsletter as efficiently as possible!
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