Are you still questions? Set them to the author of the program!
Question No. 1: What can this program?
Question No. 2: I'm just starting to spam telegrams! What do I need to know?
Question No. 3: In the mail log, I get a message like "ATTENTION! Your last message was not sent!" What does this mean?
Question No. 4: How many accounts does the program support?
Question No. 5: How and what kind of proxy can be used in the program?
Question No. 6: Why do accounts in the program work gradually, and not "multi -seated"?
Question No. 7: Is it possible to use the program multi-back?
Question No. 8: What are the differences between the premium version and the usual version of the program
Question No. 9: I'm just starting a newsletter (inviting) and immediately stumble upon a limit! What to do?
Question No. 10: Is it possible to make a different text go every time?
Question No. 11: Is it possible to format the text? For example, add a selection, or a link?
Question No. 12: What does the checkpoint "Translite. Text" mean?
Question No. 13: How to add emoticons (emoji) to the text of the mailing list

Above are the frequently asked questions that you may have when trying to organize a mailing list in Telegram!

The answers to these questions are very important for those who need telegram mailings. That is why the Telegram-Spam-Master team promptly enters data on this page regarding problems for users associated with sending to Telegram!

Organizing a mailing list is a very important process in communicating your information to other Telegram users. A well-made newsletter will help you to attract new customers as much as possible, increase brand awareness, notify your customers about the availability of discounts and promotions.

Promotion in messengers, promotion of Telegram groups and communities is more relevant than ever. While Instagram and Facebook are blocking, businesses and bloggers have to think about “moving” the audience. A convenient application will help you achieve the desired result quickly and without unnecessary difficulties.

What can the newsletter be used for?What can the program do?How can sending to Telegram help?

Do you need your own database for mailing?

You can use it as a personal base, and then parse it from the selected Telegram publics.

What do you need to start working in Telegram?What can a bot do?What should not be done?