Correct newsletter and inviting

During the mailing, you may stumble upon Telegram limits and blocking for sending messages or inviting! This phenomenon is inevitable! Telegram will never let you make a big mailing from your account to strangers!

In this regard, you can also not only stumble upon the Telegram limit, but also get a temporary blocking of your Telegram account.

So how can this be avoided? NO WAY!

However, there are some tips for mailing and inviting users to groups!

Messaging Tips:

1) Use Telegram accounts that are more than 2 weeks old !

2) Do not send directly where you want to lure your recipients!

3) Do not send huge canvases of text! Nobody will read them , and you will most likely be blocked!

4) Do not add links to the first messages! With links, you will quickly stumble upon the Telegram limit. Also, the user at the sight of the link can also block you!

5) Send messages to those who will be interested! Thus, you increase the chance that your recipient will be interested in your services and will not block you!

6) Use an answering machine! Autoresponder has many advantages! Firstly, if your recipient communicates with "you", then he will be more trusting of you, thinking that he is communicating with a person. Secondly, the autoresponder will help you separate inactive users (they simply won't answer you).

7) Feel free to use voice messages

Following all these points, you can understand how to make a high-quality newsletter with minimal risk of blocking!

First, you need to collect recipients for your newsletter! Once you've done that, send your recipients some simple messages without too much information! For example: " Hello, no distractions ", or a simple " Hello "!.

After that, in a separate window, run the autoresponder . In the autoresponder, use the first and second response to communicate and lead the user to your information. For example, " I'm from Our mutual friend (Some name) ", or " I was told that you are interested in (my service) ". In the following answers, describe your service in more detail! And in the last answer, already insert links, or information on how to find you!

If you did everything right, then you will benefit the most: those who need to receive the necessary information from you, and the rest will be ignored!

Inviting Tips:
Don't forget Telegram limits! One account can invite up to 50 users to the group! You can invite no more than 200 participants to one group per day!

1) Use Telegram accounts that are more than 2 weeks old!

2) The group you are going to invite to should not belong to a living person!

3) Create for yourself group pads that will contain information about your main group!

4) Accounts that conduct invites should NOT work from the IP address from which you are using Telegram!

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