Setting up proxies

In order to secure purchased telegram accounts and also reduce the likelihood of their mass blocking, it is recommended to use a proxy in the Telegram-Spam-Master program!

Ideally, use your own proxy for each account! The best option is 1 proxy for 5 accounts!

In order to set up a proxy in the program, you need to follow a few simple steps.

First, go to the site with a proxy.

Link to a site with a proxy! Buy high-quality proxies not expensive

Next, register on this site using your email!

After registration, go to the " Buy proxy " page and select IPv4 proxy . Country, preferably, choose Ukraine, Poland , etc.

ATTENTION! For unknown reasons, proxies from Russia are not always suitable for working in Telegram! Before adding proxies to the program, check them in the Telegram client! Recommended proxies for work: Ukraine and Poland
Setting proxy for telegrams. Picture 1

After choosing a proxy and quantity, click on the " Buy " button

Setting proxy for telegrams. Figure 2

On the checkout screen, make sure you select the HTTP(s) type and click " Continue ".

Setting proxy for telegrams. Figure 3

After successful checkout, go to the " Proxy " page. You will see a list of your proxies. Fill in the fields in the " Proxy settings " window in the Telegram-Spam-Master program when adding an account as shown in the screenshot!

1) In the " IP " field, enter the IP address (In the example, this is )

2) In the " PORT " field, enter the Port (In the example it is 8000)

3) In the field " LOGIN " Enter the login of your proxy (In the example it is dNsWSc )

4) In the field " PASS " enter the password of your proxy (In the example it is 4Bf**a )

Setting proxy for telegrams. Figure 4

After that, you need to continue adding an account. That is, you need to enter a phone number, receive SMS on it and, possibly, enter a password. If Everything went well, you will see a notification that your account was logged in from a new device from the country whose proxy you specified. If so, then you did everything right and your account is ready for use in the Telegram-Spam-Master program

If the Telegram-Spam-Master program and the Telegram client itself do not accept the proxies you bought, the store where you bought them can replace them for you. When contacting the support of the store, do not forget to mention that you need a proxy for Telegram!
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