What to do if you are banned by telegram

Attention!The information described in this article is not a 100% guarantee against blocking in Telegram! It contains only tips that can slightly reduce the likelihood of being banned!

There is a situation when you send a newsletter for a day, a week, or a month, and you are not banned at all. But then you start getting blocked. After blocking an account, you add new accounts, start a mailing list, and after a dozen messages, accounts go to spamblock or even are completely deleted by telegram. The same situation can happen with inviting.

You may think: " What happened? It was still normal! I did not change anything and did everything as before! ". But you need to remember the important thing: Telegram sees and analyzes all your mailings .

There are several main indicators that Telegram reacts to:

1) User complaints about your newsletter and invite

2) Your API id and API hash

3) Your accounts

4) Your proxies

5) The text of your newsletter

6) If this is an invite, then the group where the invite takes place

Let's go through each point.

1. User complaints

It may not seem obvious to you, but most Telegram users do not like receiving unwanted mailings or invitations . Because of this, they click on the " Report and block " button.

When your account receives a large number of complaints, it is sent to the so-called " spam block ". That is, your account is not deleted, but it will no longer be able to send messages for a certain time.

Unfortunately, complaints cannot be avoided , but you can try sending out mailing lists to those who are really interested in this. Or at the beginning of the message ask not to complain (suddenly it will help :) )

2. API id and API hash

When you first run the program, the program asks you to get and enter an API id and an API hash . These are two unique lines that allow you to work with Telegram in the Telegram-Spam-Master program .

It is believed that these two lines are individual. That is, no one will have these lines, except for the one who received them (to whose number they were received). Therefore, if Telegram receives complaints about the mailing, it determines from which API id and API hash the mailing was carried out . And it is these API id and API hash that get into the invisible blacklist .

There is no way out of this black list. The only way out is to completely change the id and hash APIs used . After the change, it is also recommended to completely change accounts and proxies!

3. Accounts

Accounts play a very important role in the mailing list. Everything is important in your accounts: date of registration, deposit, name, photo .

When you send a message, the recipient first sees who it is from. Agree, if you see a message from an account with some Indonesian nickname, you will immediately delete it.

Keeping your account is just as important ! If the account is newly registered, at least it will not be able to send many messages due to the tightened limit. As a maximum, they will immediately receive a block for mailing and inviting.

Equally important is the seller of accounts! If the seller registered all accounts sold from the same IP address, this may also affect the mailing list!

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4. Proxy

This is one of the most important item on par with others on this list.

To put it simply - " Proxy " is the address of your computer at the time of sending. If you do not use a proxy during the distribution, then all Telegram accounts that were used from your IP address may be blocked. INCLUDING YOUR PERSONAL .

For better security when mailing, it is recommended to use 5 accounts for one proxy.

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5. Newsletter text

"In the mailing list, you need to describe everything as much as possible and add a link so that users can quickly subscribe to my channel or join a group" - this is what most mailers think. On the one hand, they are right. The recipient needs to be involved as quickly as possible. On the other hand, judge for yourself: If you received a huge canvas of text, and even with links, what would you do? That's right, they'd ignore it! Or send a complaint to the message.

To be honest, if you send a link to the same group or public in all mailing lists, you may be blocked just for this! Telegram sees exactly what you are sending!

Therefore, it is recommended to use spacer groups.

But the best thing is to conduct the most " humanized " conversation with the recipients. An autoresponder will help you with this .

6. Inviting group

Everything is really simple here. If you invite a user to a group, but he is not interested, he will complain about it and leave. You can’t do anything with this, so I also recommend using spacer groups, which will already contain information on how to find your main group!