Sending to people and chats by Username

Setting up the newsletter on Username or on the links-impruding Telegram

In order to set up mailing to people and chats or to links in the Telegram group, you need to:

1) In the left menu, click on the button " Mailing to people and groups (chats) " (point 1 in the screenshot)

2) In the field " Mailing text " (item 2 on the screenshot) write the message that you want to send to users or groups. If you want to add emoticons to the text, use the module " Text converter with emoji "

3) Specify the recipients in the " Recipients " field (Item 3 on the screenshot). Recipients are specified as Username (For example: user123 ), or as a link ( ) if they are groups. Important! Don't forget about Telegram limits! Recipients must be indicated in a column! Each recipient on a new line! There should be no gaps between them!

4) Also, you can specify the file that will be attached to your message (Item 4 on the screenshot). It can be a picture or a video ! IMPORTANT THAT THE FILE PATH DOES NOT HAVE RUSSIAN LETTERS!

5) Do not forget to specify the interval with which messages will be sent (Item 5 on the screenshot). This interval cannot be lower than 5 seconds .

6) You can check the " Send in a circle " box (point 6 on the screenshot), if you want the mailing to continue after the program goes through the entire list of recipients!

7) Also, you can check the " Transliter. text " box (Item 7 on the screenshot), if you want the Russian letters in your text to be randomly replaced with English ones!

8) After that, click on the " Start mailing " button!

9) The program will start its work and in the field " Message log " (point 7 on the screenshot) Information about sent messages or errors that occur during the program will appear!

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